About Us

Shortees are specifically cut to fit men 5'8"and under. It's a totally new concept in men's clothing design.

Tired of tucking in every t-shirt you own so they don't hang down to your knees? Sick of being told that the only way to get a shorter shirt is to buy a small even though it's too tight to fit over your shoulders and chest? We were sick and tired of it also and that is why we started Shortees: a clothing company dedicated to designing and producing clothes that fit men under 5'8".

We didn't just take a shirt and cut the bottom; we completely re-engineered the t-shirt. Every element has been redesigned. The length and width of the sleeves, the size and curve of the arm openings, the angle of the shoulders, the taper of the shirt... everything has been reinvented. You won't find a better fitting men's t-shirt anywhere. We spent years designing and then redesigning so it fits the way you really want a t-shirt to fit. We call ourselves the Original Short Men's Clothing Company because we are the first to design and manufacture our own clothes specifically for the shorter man. We've been at it since 2007. Experience the original.

The Shortees Nation

More than 25% of all men are 5'8" or under. In the US alone, that's almost 35 million men who have been settling for clothes that don't fit them. That's no small number! It's time to take a stand and refuse to continue wearing poor fitting clothes. Clothes make the man, so put on a shirt that makes you look great.